A foodie is someone that likes eating food all the time, not minding what time is it, the effects of each food they consume at any given time. Their goal is to eat so much food they can, to satisfy the hunger and taste for food at all cost. They tend to grow in body mass, structure, size, weight, which some times could lead to obesity. Research made by scientists shows that foodie or those that possesses love for food tends to consume a certain number of beverages without knowing the consequence. Too much intake of foodie could lead to excessive cost, which requires lots of cash to engage in such activity.

Classes of food like protein, fats,

Classes of food like protein, fats, carbohydrate, vitamins, tends to build the body massively in size if no precaution is taken. That’s why, individuals or foodies grow much in size and looks fat due to excess storage of food varieties of their body. There are ways or procedures doctors, nutritionist has mapped out for those involved to reduce their body mass. It’s so essential to carry out’ these procedures, to avoid the dangers, risk of excess food storage in the body. It could lead to obesity, dizziness, belly fat, excess fat in muscles, liver blockage, difficulty in respiration, joint weakness, etc.

Ways for a foodie to gain weight loss

Lately, research made by Hart Bernard, a scientist in Harvard University found out that 55 percent of women eat late night. Eating late night food result to overweight, a result that could lead to bad body function. There are ways a foodie could lose weight if he is determined. First, a foodie should be taking 2 to 3 cups of water in four hours times space daily. A huge number of water should be taken before, after each meal, to dissolve the food, and for quick digestion. Hart Bernard says, excess water in the body is good for health, keeps you healthy, fit, flexible and strong.

It reduces the risk of infections, diseases, illness, loss of weight, dizziness, etc. A foodie should engage in a gym section, either morning, afternoon, evening routine. Gym helps in reducing body fats, it burns sugar level in a high rate, makes the body so light, flexible and healthy. They are enrolled in expected gym activities needed for weight loss, meet a gym instructor, who will guide you in what to do at any given time. These activities are taken serious, if a foodie wants to reduce in size. Certain number of money is paid to any gym instructor to guide you so well in the exercise.

Early morning jogging, running, would help in weight loss for a foodie. A foodie is expected to do exercise in morning hours, it helps in burning sugar and fat through sweat. They should skip some meals, avoid eating all time, avoid consumption of excess food. You’re advised to visit a nutritionist, to assist you on list of foods to eat in different occasions. This will help in the work of weight loss for all foodies, irrespective of your gender.