Humans are social creatures, they form different social groups from simple families to a group far complex like large communities. Social relation is a special aspect of being a human, and as a human being, you have to associate with others to fit into society. Whether in your school, workplace, or your neighborhood, you will have to relate with other humans that exist in your environment. The humans you will meet will have different characteristics, some will agree with you and others will clash with your personality. To maintain a sane mind a man must know how to navigate among the several personalities that surround him. Someone must be able to select those who they want to relate with plus the characters that will suit their personality.

Several personalities exist, few of which

Several personalities exist, few of which will agree with you and others might be pretty difficult to relate with. Narcissistic people are probably the hardest people to connect with due to their vexatious behavior. Narcissists have an alpha-like view of themselves, which makes them consciously or unconsciously believe they are better than those they associate with. Their inflated feeling of self-importance is choking, which makes them have little or no compassion for how their actions affect the surrounding people. Narcissists have a huge feeling of entitlement over another person and are usually manipulative in their actions. This is why it is important to raise a strong wall against them and keep them from turning a person into their puppets.

Keeping Narcissist At Bay

Maintaining a boundary that will keep you from the negative effects of narcissistic people’s actions is important. This can be done by keeping your space away from them, avoiding any confrontation, narcissists usually have a high level of emotional intelligence. It makes it easier for them to manipulate another to do their bidding. But if in a case that egoists can’t be avoided, you should maintain a strong mental front, stand by your words, plus when uncomfortable with what the narcissistic person asks of you, there is no harm in saying no. Egoists will try to make someone second-guess their decisions, coming with an intimidation approach.

At this point, a person should hold their stance firmly because what a narcissist wants is a feeling of control/power over other people. Try not to share any personal information with narcissistic people, remain as vague to them as you can be. This is because egoists always try to get under people’s skin, therefore, egotist will use any information they have on you to try to get you to do what narcissists want. Don’t be easily persuaded, even if others are, question them and challenge them if you have to, never make them feel they have you under their control. Be assertive, narcissists tend to stay clear of others with high self-esteem.

Have a good understanding of your boundaries, know what to say no to, and remain unshaken with your decision. Your mental health is not up for any argument, you are the only person that can state what is right or wrong for you. Narcissists are intrusive in nature, and narcissists will always try to invade the boundaries you set. You will have to always keep them at bay because once narcissists have their way, egoists will always come back.