The cheapest and most delicious types of food are mostly composed of junk food. They are also the easiest to get addicted to and crave. Can you get addicted to food? Researchers say that even food can be addictive and food cravings are harder to stop. When you have a craving, parts of the brain responsible for the memory are activated giving you an urge to satisfy it. Food being such a necessity, it is needed for the body’s growth and sustenance. You are often advised to eat wisely and take a healthy amount of snacks a day, but what happens when these lines are blurred and you end up taking more snacks than required?

People trying to live a healthy

People trying to live a healthy lifestyle away from consuming unhealthy carbs, can find this situation really frustrating and a huge setback to their progress. Various studies have been conducted to find reasons why people have cravings which consists of mainly unhealthy stuff. Scientists say that these reactions may occur due to factors such as change of locations, passage of time or psychological factors such as stress and depression. A study was conducted at the universities to investigate the relation of such craving to levels of stress.

Food cravings, Junk Foods

It was discovered that just before the examination period starts students experience different cases of food cravings. During that time, students consumed more snacks than healthy meals and reported cases of stress-eating where they ate a lot of food that contain high amounts of fat, sugar or salt. Stress eating was described as an emotional eating disorder, you consume food based on your emotions without necessarily being hungry. Many such cases were experienced in the universities during and just before exams began. Findings of the research were presented to European Congress on Obesity where it was discovered that over that period students adopted bad eating habits that were later hard to stop.

Some other cases of food craving are experienced by pregnant women, they experience strong cravings due to hormonal imbalance that disrupt their smell and taste receptors. Over the course of their pregnancy, they experience strange but rather strong cravings they never had before. Scientists attributed such changes to the body lacking in certain nutrients or due to the hormonal change within the body. Craving food is a totally normal body reaction and should not cause alarm. It might be the body’s way of reminding you to eat when you go for long intervals without eating or drinking anything.

There are ways scientifically proven where you can crave healthy foods. When you start consuming meals consisting of a balanced diet, you will begin to appreciate the good food and dull the junk food craving. By slowing training your body to take good food, you will eventually crave it, so you can replace junk food for healthier options slowly. You can begin by taking whole grain cereals and oats by incorporating them in your daily meals. Other strategies have been found that can help you on your recovery journey; planning your meals well, including healthier options of snacks in your routine and avoid cases of extreme hunger to curb the problem.