The continent blessed with multiple cultures offering different delicious delicacies to visitors. A wide range of food is found from north to southern part of the continent. One food you will enjoy is Achu and yellow soup from Cameroon which follows traditional method of preparation together with how it is eaten. Usually served in a platter and eaten with the finger-tips to maintain the traditional feeling. The yellow soup is served with mashed coco usually prepared traditionally by mixing chicken broth, limestone, spices to bring the attractive yellow color. When served, the soup is put inside the round pounded coco to create something resembling a small pool of yellow soup. Visitors visiting Western countries are attracted to this traditional cuisine for its uniqueness to the region.

Zanzibar Biryanis and Pilau are celebratory dishes dominant in coastal strip of Tanzania. It is a rice dish that consists of well assorted spices together with coconut to bring a delicious taste. Some restaurants have different ways of preparing it by adding meat to spice it up more. A boiled egg is some time added to the final serving to improve the nutritional value. The dish is favorite among the Indian community with their widely published love for spiced delicacies.

Okra soup in Ghana is a

Muamba de Ghalia in Angola is considered Angola’s favorite food for natives and visitors. Prepared by chilies, palm oil and garlic creating an oily stew for a delicious chicken stew. Nyama Choma is a well-known delicacy prepared by grilling different types of meat on open fire charcoal to give that slight burning taste. Different people prepare it differently by varying spices used to marinate the meat before putting it on fire. Nyama Choma is served with maize porridge, potato wedges or plantains. Sisha Nyama by the Zulu is a meal composed of steaks, Kebab together with chops. Beer lovers have spoken highly of how well the meal is good with a cold beer.

Okra soup in Ghana is a famous soup that is taken with rice or other starch such as mashed potatoes. The soup usually has a green color because the primary ingredient is the Okra plant giving the soup a slippery touch when rubbed with your fingers. People visiting the country will have a taste of western part of the continent’s well-kept culture.

Fried plantain is popular across the

Githeri, is a typically a mixture of maize and beans boiled in one pot until it is soft enough. Traditionally, the meal was exclusive to Kikuyu community found in eastern part of the continent and could be eaten in that form by simply adding salt to taste. However, in modern times people have become creative, and they can add additional ingredients such as meat or spices to give it a delicious taste even for a new person in that region.

Fried plantain is popular across the continent and is prepared by frying peeled plantain in vegetable oil. It is considered ready when the color changes to golden brown. This can be considered to be the easiest to prepare as it does not involve many technicalities. The fried plantain is eaten together with stew, rice dishes or enjoyed by itself like a fast snack before the main course.